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Advice Dog
Courage Wolf
Paranoid Parrot
Success Kid
Foul Bachelor Frog
Foul Bachelorette Frog
Advice God
Angry School Boy
Annoying Facebook Girl
Anti-Joke Chicken
Bad Advice Cat
Bill O'Reilly
Business Cat
Gordo Granudo
Depression Dog
Helpful Tyler Durden
High Expectations Asians Father
Hipster Kitty
Insanity Wolf
Lame Pun Coon
Musically Oblivious 8 Grader
Pickup Line Panda
Reddit Alien
Sexually Oblivious Rhino
Sheltering Suburban Mom
Stoner Dog
Successful Black Man
Tech Impaired Duck
Forever Alone
Y U NO Guy
Advice Yoda
Scumbag Brain
[10] Guy
Bad Luck Brian
Drunk Baby
One Does Not Simply
Overly Attached Girlfriend
Imminent Ned
Scumbag Steve
Good Guy Greg
Conspiracy Keanu
Xzibit Yo Dawg
Dwight Schrute
Ancient Aliens
Bear Grylls
Futurama Fry
Futurama Zoidberg
Hipster Ariel
X All The Y
Fuck That Guy
Grandma Finds The Internet
College Freshman
Lazy College Senior
Rasta Science Teacher
Redditors Wife
Friend Zone Fiona
Redneck Randal
First World Problems
Chemistry Cat
Engineering Professor
Unhelpful High School Teacher
Joseph Ducreux
Creepy Willy Wonka
The Most Interesting Cat In The World
The Most Interesting Man In The World
Clarinet Boy
Karate Kyle
Vengeance Dad
Are you Kidding
Challenge Accepted
Close Enough
Fuck Yea
I Lied
Me Gusta
Oh God Why
Okay Guy
Poker Face
Actual Advice Mallard
Annoyed Picard
Dating Site Murderer
Evil Baby
Grumpy Cat
My Brain is Full of Fuck
Overly Manly Man
Skeptical Baby
Tough Spongebob
Happy Spongebob
Pissed Patrick
Admiral Ackbar
Neil deGrasse Tyson
Boba Fett
Confession Bear
Professor Oak
Whispering Sloth
Almost Politically Correct Redneck
Am I The Only One Around Here
Angry Baby
Asian Fat Kid
Axe Guy
Confession Kid
Everybody Loses Their Minds
Happy Tooth Dude
Julio Iglesias
But That's None of My Business
Third World Skeptical Kid
So I Got That Going For Me
Spiderman Peter Parker
That Would Be Great
Unpopular Opinion Puffin
X X Everywhere
Awkward Moment Seal
Childhood Confession Chunk
Confession Tiger
Sarcastic Bear
Ash Pedreiro
Batman Slaps Robin
Doc Holliday
Don't Blink
Don't You Squidward
Drunk Doctor
Gordon Ramsay Shouting
Gordon Ramsay
Obama Not Bad
Sad Doctor Who In The Rain
Sam Elliott
Smug Frog
Too Damn High
Wat Lady
What Really Grinds My Gears
Will Smith What
If You Know What I Mean
Evil Plotting Raccoon
Hipster Barista
Mad Karma
What Year Is It
You're Gonna Have A Bad Time
You Should Feel Bad
You Da Real MVP
Satisfied Seal
Revenge Duck
Malicious Advice Mallard
Side Eyeing Chloe
Bad Guy Boss
Bad Joke Eel
Minor Mistake Marvin
Aaaaand Its Gone
Afraid To Ask Andy
Pepperidge Farm Remembers
Upvoting Obama
Baby Insanity Wolf
Fuck me, Right?

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